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Tag: Financial Analysis

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  • 3M Strategic Management Analysis is a 1739 words document and it includes the following –

    • Introduction to 3M
    • Products and Services
    • Business Verticals
    • Porter Five Forces Analysis
      • Competition among existing players
      • Bargaining power of buyers
      • Bargaining power of suppliers
      • Threat of new entrants
      • Threats of Substitutions
    • SWOT Analysis
      • Strengths of 3M
      • Weaknesses of 3M
      • Opportunities for 3M
      • Threats 3M is facing
    • Triple Bottom Line Analysis of 3M
      • Financial Analysis
      • Environmental Analysis
      • Social Analysis
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  • “AGV Crisis at the Top” case study solution comprises 1109 words and include the following –

    • Determinants of health for people of Odisha
    • Evaluate Mission and Vision
    • Four actions that Chandra can take to improve the situation
    • Organization Culture of AGV
    • 11 Points of failing organization culture at AGV
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  • The “Dicore International” case study solution comprises 900 words and includes the following –

    Scenario Planning

    Evaluation of the Various Scenarios at

    • 40% Utilization
    • 55% Utilization
    • 80% Utilization
    • 100% Utilization

    Conclusion for Organic Growth

    Blackstone Acquisition Analysis

    Decision on synergy option


    The download includes an excel sheet along with the word file that explains various scenario analysis.

    ** This is non refund product as once the analysis is delivered to customer, it can’t be undone.

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  • “Le Moulin Blanc Case Study Solution”  comprises 1240 words and include the following –

    • Corporate culture at the time of the case
    • How is it better to be changed?
    • Is the management style is suitable?
    • Is the way the team lead is suitable for this business?
    • What role would HR Dept. play here?
    • The psychological contract between Employer and Employee. Does it live to expectations?

    Case Authors : Zsuzsanna Kispal-Vitai

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