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  • AGL is facing a unique challenge in energy industry where the numbers of customers are increasing thus the increase in cost of managing customers but the actual revenue is declining, resulting in lower revenue per customer.

    “AGL Australia Business Model Problem” solution has 800 words and comprises – 

    • Business Model Problem
    • Long Term Problem
    • Short Term Problem
    • AGL as a service company – will it be sustainable
    • AGL stakeholder analysis for a renewable energy provider

    The solution answers three broad questions regarding AGL Australia Energy Business Model

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  • According to the WHO Air Pollution Report 2019, air pollution impacts all region of the world. But it proportionately impacts low income cities the most.  As per WHO air database almost 97% of the cities in low income & middle income countries

    “Air Pollution Economic Impact Analysis & Recommendations” solution has 900 words and comprises – 

    • Different Types of Air Pollution
    • Different sources of Household air pollution
    • Health Risk Related to Air Pollution
    • How to Improve the Situation and Reduce Air Pollution
    • Recommendations – Preventing Health Risks through Interventions
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  • Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce company in the world and the biggest e-commerce company in China. Over the years the company has expanded its product and sales portfolio from retail to other fields such as

    “Alibaba Marketing Strategy & Innovation Business Report” solution has 600 words and comprises – 

    • Marketing Strategy and Innovation at Alibaba Group
    • Product Innovation
    • Process Innovation
    • Positioning of Alibaba
    • Paradigm and Contextual Analysis
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  • “Amazon Analysis Business Report” solution has 3880 words and comprises – 

    • Amazon Overview
    • Amazon SWOT Analysis
      • Strengths of Amazon
      • Weaknesses of Amazon
      • Opportunities for Amazon
      • Threats Amazon faces
    • Strategic Problem Definition
    • Analysis of Alternatives using TOWS matrix
    • External Threats – Competition among existing players in the industry
    • Competition among existing players in the industry
    • Organizational Capabilities
    • Promising Opportunities
    • Recommendations
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  • “Ameren Corporation Strategic Analysis” solution has 966 words and comprises – 

    • Ameren Corporation Overview
    • Strategic Assessment of Ameren Corporation
    • Ameren Corporation SWOT Analysis
      • Strengths of Ameren Corporation
      • Weaknesses of Ameren Corporation
      • Opportunities for Ameren Corporation
      • Threats Ameren Corporation faces
    • Strategic Challenges
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  • “Amore Pacific Strengths Weaknesses Analysis” solution has 633 words and comprises – 

    • Amore Pacific Strengths
    • Amore Pacific Weaknesses
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  • “Anthem Inc Porter 5 Forces & SWOT Analysis” solution has 1111 words and comprises – 

    • Brief Introduction
    • Porter Five Forces Analysis of Anthem Inc
      • Competition among existing players
      • Threat of substitutes
      • Threat of new entrants
      • Bargaining power of suppliers
      • Bargaining power of buyers
    • SWOT Analysis of Anthem Inc
      • Strengths of Anthem Inc
      • Weaknesses of Anthem Inc
      • Opportunities of Anthem Inc
      • Threats of Anthem Inc
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  • In 2002, Google began a research project called Project Oxygen to answer the question, “Do managers matter?” The project team interviewed hundreds of Googlers and analyzed data from millions of performance reviews. They found that the best managers consistently exhibit eight behaviors:


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  • “Jabil Corporation Porter Five Forces Analysis” solution has 691 words and comprises – 

    • Competition among existing firms
    • Bargaining power of buyers
    • Bargaining power of suppliers
    • Threat of new entrants
    • Threat of substitutes
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  • Toto Wolff and the Mercedes Formula One Team is a case study that examines the leadership and management of Toto Wolff, the team principal and chief executive officer of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team. The case study begins with a brief overview of the history of Formula One, followed by a more detailed look at the Mercedes team’s rise to dominance in the sport. The case study then focuses on Wolff’s leadership style and his approach to team management.


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