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  • Adairs is one of the leading home furnishing retail chains in Australia and New Zealand. The organization has presence across various retail formats.

    “Adairs Risk Identification Analysis ” solution has 650 words and comprises – 

    • Introduction
    • Customer Behavior Risks
    • Operational Risks
    • Strategic Risks
    • Financial Risks
    • Managerial and Organizational Risks
    • Competitive Risks
    • Macro Economic Risks
    • Conclusion
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  • Adairs is one of the leading home furnishing retail chains in Australia and New Zealand. The organization has presence across various retail formats.

    “Adairs Swot Analysis ” solution has 1100 words and comprises – 

    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunities
    • Threats


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  • “Alibaba Group – Acquiring Lazada to Win the South East Asia E-commerce Battle Case Study Solution ”  comprises 700 + words and include the following –

    • Situational Analysis – Market size and market growth rate
    • Entry into South East Asia Market is Prudent Strategy
    • Entry through Lazada Acquisition
    • Conclusion

    Case Authors : Wiboon Kittilaksanawong, Noor Izzati Binti Harun

    Topic : Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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  • “Alibaba IPO Dilemma – Hong Kong or New York Case Study Solution ”  comprises 229  words, excel sheet and include the following –

    • Strategic Choice Analysis
    • NPV Analysis
    • Fresh Cash Flow Growth Rate
    • Discount Rate
    • Terminal Rate

    In April 2014, Alibaba’s impending initial public offering (IPO) projected to be among the world’s largest IPOs. Alibaba faced many choices regarding ownership structure, trading location, IPO pricing and IPO timing. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange seemed like a natural fit for its IPO due to geographical, cultural and language proximity. Furthermore, 86.7 per cent of Alibaba’s revenues originated within China. However, Alibaba insisted on “partnership governance,” and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange did not allow listing of companies with dual-class share structure. In contrast, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ did not object to Alibaba’s proposed ownership structure. While the Hong Kong investors knew Alibaba’s business better, the New York exchanges provided more liquidity and visibility. Against this backdrop, Alibaba needed to make difficult decisions regarding its IPO

    Case Authors : Emir Hrnjic

    Topic : Finance & Accounting

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  • Case Writer : Luc Wathieu

    Topic : Sales and Marketing

    Words : 1100 words

    Apple Stores is a Harvard Business Review case study written by Luc Wathieu. The case study solution document comprises – 1100 words and covers the SWOT analysis of all the three options –

    • Improving the Stores,
    • Expansion, and
    • Evaluation of the Stores


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  • Aquasi Marketing : Building and Managing an Online Brand Case Study Solution document has 1200 words and address the three key aspects in the case study –

    • Fixing the production problem
    • Launching an online brand
    • Marketing of the brand using an efficient marketing mix
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  • Case Authors : Laura L. Matherly, Anup Nandialath, Claire Richards

    Word Document : 1500 words

    The case study solution comprises the following sections –

    • Overview
    • Environmental Analysis
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • Customer Profile
    • Industry Analysis and Porter Five Forces Analysis
    • Recommendations and Conclusion
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  • The ” BOC Group: Ohmeda (A) Case Study Solution”  comprises 3399 words and includes the following –

    •  Company Overview
    • Challenges in Front of Rountree, CEO of Ohmeda
    • Roadmap for Ohmeda Marketing Straegy Development
    • Situational Analysis
    • 5 C Analysis of Ohmeda Case Study
      • Company
      • Customers
      • Competitors
      • Collaborators
      • Context
    • Purchase Process in Medical & Hospital Segment
    • Hospital specific questions regarding purchase process
      • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix for Ohmeda
      • Product Strategy
      • Pricing Strategy
      • Distribution Strategy – Recommendations on Sales Channel for Ohmeda
      • Promotion Straegy
    • Action Plan for New Strategy Implementation
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  • “National Football League and Brain Injuries Case Study Solution”  comprises 1643 words and includes the following –

    • Problem Statement
    • Summarize the most relevant background information
    • Franchise owners & game running body NFL
    • Parents & school system
    • Players
    • Audiences
    • Analyze the relevant issues from an ethical and legal perspective
    • Ethical Aspects
    • Legal Aspects
    • NFL has tried to take few steps to mitigate the situation
    • Recommendations based on analysis
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  • The ” Vistakon 1 Day Acuvue Disposable Contact Lenses Case Study Solution”  comprises 1846 words and includes the following –

    • Brief Overview
    • Challenges in Front
    • 5C Analysis of Vistakon
      • Company
      • Customers
      • Competitors
      • Collaborators
      • Context
    • Customer Journey
    • Choosing a Market Segment
    • Dropouts
    • Cannibalization
    • Other Segments based on Usage
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