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Tag: Organizational Structure

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  • The “Alphabet’s Google Case Study Solution”  comprises 966 words and includes the following –

    Task 1-2: What is Google’s business model? How is it making money?

    Task 1-3: Who are Google’s main competitors? What and who should Google worry about? What should the CEO of Google do about these challenges? Provide recommendations, be specific.

    Task 1-4: How is Google using platform strategy? What are some strengths and some weaknesses of this approach?

    Task 1-5: What type of diversification strategy is Alphabet pursuing? What organizational structure is Alphabet using? What is the rational behind this structure and diversification strategy? 

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  • The “AM-Pharma: Creating Value Case Study Solution”  comprises 622 words and includes the following –

    • Problem Statement
    • Options Evaluation
    • Option 1 – Raising Money
    • Option 2 – Going Head in Hope of Raising Money
    • Option 3 – Going ahead with fewer patients
    • Recommendations

    Case Authors : Jim Pulcrano, Tim Knotnerus, Marion Owczarczak-Fogli, Mohammed El Ansari

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  • “Apple in China Case Study Solution”  comprises 1881 words and includes the following –

    • Porter Five Forces Analysis
      • Bargaining power of customers
      • Threat of substitutes
      • Bargaining power of suppliers
      • Threat of new entrants
      • Competition among existing players
    • Big Strategic Shift – Moving from Factories in US to Contract Manufacturing
    • Impact of the strategic shift to contract manufacturing
    • Negative Impact of the Contract Manufacturing & Chinese Market Experience
    • Alternative Approaches to Tackle the Organizational Change Challenges
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  • Apple Privacy vs Safety ? case study solution document has 2300 words and comprises –

    • Introduction
    • Environmental Analysis
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • Problem Statement – The Biggest Challenge
    • Will developing the ‘Backdoor’ option impact the competitive position & brand value of Apple in mobile and tech industry?
    • Action Plan with all the aspects given in the case study
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  • Case Authors : Laura L. Matherly, Anup Nandialath, Claire Richards

    Word Document : 1500 words

    The case study solution comprises the following sections –

    • Overview
    • Environmental Analysis
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • Customer Profile
    • Industry Analysis and Porter Five Forces Analysis
    • Recommendations and Conclusion
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  • The word document includes PESTEL and SWOT analysis of Bellamy’s Australia, an Australian based producer of organic food and formula products for toddlers, kids and your children.

    Word Count : 1000 words

    Includes – References from 2017

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  • The case study solution of  “Sustainability in Automotive Industry – The Significance of a Leader’s Mindset ” has 1880 words, it comprises the following analysis –

    1. Introduction to the case study
    2. PESTEL analysis of the case study solution
      1. Political factors that impact the automotive industry
      2. Economic factors that impact the automotive industry
      3. Social factors that impact the automotive industry
      4. Technological factors that impact the automotive industry
      5. Environmental factors that impact the automotive industry
      6. Legal factors that impact the automotive industry
    3. Change Management steps at organizational level
    4. Conclusion
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