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Tag: Sales and Marketing

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  • The “Alphabet’s Google Case Study Solution”  comprises 966 words and includes the following –

    Task 1-2: What is Google’s business model? How is it making money?

    Task 1-3: Who are Google’s main competitors? What and who should Google worry about? What should the CEO of Google do about these challenges? Provide recommendations, be specific.

    Task 1-4: How is Google using platform strategy? What are some strengths and some weaknesses of this approach?

    Task 1-5: What type of diversification strategy is Alphabet pursuing? What organizational structure is Alphabet using? What is the rational behind this structure and diversification strategy? 

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  • The “AM-Pharma: Creating Value Case Study Solution”  comprises 622 words and includes the following –

    • Problem Statement
    • Options Evaluation
    • Option 1 – Raising Money
    • Option 2 – Going Head in Hope of Raising Money
    • Option 3 – Going ahead with fewer patients
    • Recommendations

    Case Authors : Jim Pulcrano, Tim Knotnerus, Marion Owczarczak-Fogli, Mohammed El Ansari

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  • The “Sir Alex Ferguson Managing Manchester United Case Solution”  comprises 1880 words and includes the following –

    • Overview
    • Leadership Style of Ferguson
    • Manchester United Organizational Design
    • Ferguson Response to Changing Environment
    • Building a diversified organization based on his vision
    • Having a strong youth policy where United promotes young players
    • Built Infrastructure that attracts global players
    • Delegation of Authority

    Case Authors : Anita Elberse, Thomas Dye

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